Czech Palacký University Delegation visited KNU

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Sunday February 9, 2020, The president of Knowledge University (KNU) Dr. Dilan M Rostam received a delegation from the Czech Academic City - Palacký University in Erbil led by Prof. Howri Mansurbeg, member of the Board of Trustees. The visit focused on mutual academic relations and possible collaboration in various areas of higher education.

Dr. Rostam welcomed the delegation warmly and praised their initiative to establish academic relations. He then emphasised that delicate situation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and huge potential in the young generation to get a market driven higher education that responded to the future needs of the KRI.

The mutual interest for academic research was an important area for both universities and Prof. Mansurbeg spoke of the plan for the upcoming academic year to arrange joint scientific conferences. Dr Rostam offered to host the conference at KNU's green campus in its new state of the art conference hall. They both agreed to work towards boosting the quality in the private higher education sector in KRI.

The Czech Academic City is a project of the first European university complex in the Iraqi Kurdistan and Iraq. The project of the Czech Academic City in Erbil – CZAC is the umbrella education facility that encompasses branch campuses of Czech universities with the aim of bringing European higher education standards with full accreditation of involved Czech universities. The CZAC campus offers education in many areas including petroleum engineering, medicine and physiotherapy preparation, law, science, languages and arts. The intention of CZAC is to create a platform for cooperation in science, research and development.

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Czech Palacký University Delegation visited KNU