Directorate of Health and Safety (DHSF)

The Directorate of Health and Safety (DHSF) at Knowledge University (KNU) responsible to ensure a healthy and safe educational working environment for the staff, students, visitors and protecting properties. KNU committed to promote, support and provide all tools and means to ensure the highest level of a healthy and safety in all university premises and its academic community.

DHSF coordinating with the Central Directorate of Health and Safety at the Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) which organises training courses and education as well as discussion sessions for all engaged members. Here at KNU group actions are formed at the Colleges and departments levels which will directly be involved with fire prevention and fire safety, laboratory safety first aid training, hygiene, injury prevention, handicap accesses and other health and safety issues and requirements with periodic ongoing audits and continuous improvements. Different requirements for different colleges and student’s hostels and accommodations are taken into consideration.

The directorate has trained personnel who will manage the overall university’s health and safety programs with the goal of preventing occupational injuries and illnesses. The directorate will also develop and implement policies, and procedures to meet all requirements, and duties set by occupational standard Health and Safety Acts and any applicable regulations.

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Knowledge University (KNU) is a private university located in the city of ErbilKurdistan Region of Iraq. KNU provides diverse higher education, research and consultancy to all its students via such programs as Engineering, Science, Law, Business, Economy and Teacher Education. KNU is also renowned for maintaining one of the best quality campuses in Iraq with green, sustainable program objectives and outcomes throughout its activities. KNU encourages its academic community to seek knowledge, affirm skills and ensure excellence in their academic and professional achievements. KNU intends to expand its program and become a leading educational institute of science and humanities with e-Smart academic community.

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KNU Directorate of Health and Safety (DHSF)