College Administrative and Financial Sciences


Collage of administration and financial sciences established in September 2009 in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The college offers a wide range of programs for undergraduate students which is highly dedicated to quality and high standard education.

The college of Administration Science and Finance offers a bachelor degree in business management, marketing, accounting and finance. It is one of the highly demanded colleges in the region provides comprehensive and conclusive degrees to meet the current gaps in private and public needs in the region. The college has already decided to apply modern pedagogy system and follows the bologna process to international education and prepares its students to the labour market both locally and internationally. The Kurdistan Region also lack professional staff in the areas of business, marketing, HR, Accounting and finance which allows the college to play a vital role to maintain current developing process towards a more sustainable economy and better management of public and private sector organizations. It also contributes to job creation and placement for the young graduates in the labour market where they are expected to hold key position and lead changes. 

Departments under this College: