College of Law


The College is home to a cohesive team of College members with strong academic backgrounds and extensive experience. The (KNU) College of Law was established in 2009-2010 according to the Ministerial order 15268, on 10/09/2009, and according to the decision of the Council of Ministers (2452) on 25/8/2009.

Since its inception, the goal of the College has been to prepare students to become the ambassadors of a future generation of citizens capable not only of leading the development of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq but also of understanding and meeting the challenges of our globalized world.


To this end, the College is committed to teaching, training, and research excellence in the fields of Law, international relations, diplomacy, public policy, the College offers a variety of subjects aimed to equip students with the knowledge and skills in both fields legal and international relations for a successful career as future elites while educating them to become critical thinkers and masters of their intellectual growth.


As a way to increase their employability and prepare them to be valuable citizens of the world, students in both Departments have the opportunity to participate in internship subjects in public and private institutions in the Kurdistan Region. Graduates from the Department of Law and International Relations have found positions in several professional fields, including Lawyer in Bar Association - Legal consultant, positions as juristic in judicial, legislative, and executive authorities in KRG and Iraq especially in the Ministry of Justice and diplomacy, public administration, also in private sectors such as Companies, media, non-governmental and the business sectors. 

Departments under this College: