Press Office Job opportunity at KNU

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Knowledge University (KNU) is looking for a talented journalist to engage in its Press Office. We are looking for an energetic colleague who is willing to go the extra mile with us to do an exceptional work covering all the news/reports aspects of the university.

Journalists research, write, edit, proofread and file news stories, features and articles. Your pieces are used on television and radio or within magazines, journals and newspapers, in print and most importantly online.

The selected candidate write and assemble together news stories that will interest KNU's audience. By gathering together a number of different sources and ensuring that all the arguments are represented.

Typically the work will involves:

  • reading press releases
  • researching articles
  • establishing and maintaining contacts
  • interviewing sources
  • writing, editing and submitting copy
  • attending events
  • proofreading
  • verifying statements and facts
  • staying up to date with privacy, contempt and defamation law
  • liaising with editors, sub-editors, designers and photographers.
  • It is possible to transfer between television, radio, newspaper and publishing work.


Although there are routes into journalism for both university graduates and school leavers, we at KNU asks for a degree. While any subject is acceptable, English or journalism are preferred. Specialist subjects such as economics, languages or sciences can be a great advantage. All talented writers with any academic background are welcome to apply.

Key skills for this post

  • Enthusiasm
  • Stamina
  • Determination
  • Confidence
  • Perseverance
  • Excellent oral or written skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Candidate needs to be fluent in writing, reading and speaking both in Arabic and Kurdish languages. English language professionalism increases their chances to get the job.


عن جامعة نولج

 جامعة نولج (KNU) هي جامعة خاصة تقع في مدينة أربيل ، إقليم كردستان العراق.  توفر جامعة KNU مجموعة متنوعة من التعليم العالي والبحث والاستشارات لجميع طلابها من خلال تخصصات مثل الهندسة والعلوم والقانون والأعمال والاقتصاد وتعليم المعلمين.  تشتهر جامعة KNU أيضًا بالحفاظ على واحد من أفضل الجامعات في العراق بأهداف ونتائج برنامجية مساعدة للبيئة طوال أنشطتها.

 تشجع جامعة KNU مجتمعها الأكاديمي على التماس المعرفة وتأكيد المهارات وضمان التميز في إنجازاتهم الأكاديمية والمهنية.  تعتزم جامعة نولج توسيع برامجها لتصبح معهدًا تعليميًا رائدًا للعلوم والعلوم الإنسانية.

 يرجى زيارة حرمنا الجامعي في زيارتك القادمة إلى أربيل ، مركز وعاصمة إقليم كردستان العراق.

Press Office Job opportunity at KNU